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Environmental problems occur globally, not just in certain countries. The same is true of Indonesia, which is the 4th most populous country in the world. Many environmental problems occur that cause losses and fear for future survival. Therefore, many people, especially the younger generation, have worries about this because it concerns their future. If the earth is not okay, then it is possible that the young generation now cannot feel the life of aging.

According to Madani, which conducted a survey of Indonesia’s younger generation, out of 1,040 young respondents aged 16–38 years, the majority, or 27.4%, felt anxious about climate change. This is because we are already starting to feel the negative impacts of climate change. Starting with declining water quality, many species are extinct, agricultural land is reduced, and outbreaks of infectious diseases are increasing.

Climate change is a result of human negligence in protecting the environment and the earth.The use of transportation and human lifestyle play an important role in tackling climate change.When discussing the use of transportation, people must be wiser and more willing to use public transportation. In addition to lifestyle, we must be able to instill the principle of reducing plastic waste, and the easiest thing is to dispose of waste in its place.

Because in order to make this earth better, it needs the participation of all parties as well as the community.


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