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Drama aside, the 2024 Indonesian election is intense. While the quick count suggests a winner, things could get messy. Here’s the lowdown: imagine both the winning and losing sides feeling like they got played by the system. One can find it hilariously agonizing.

Here’s the tea: past election controversies linger like bad exes, making people suspicious of the quick count results. And while all we can do essentially is wait, social media, our beloved echo chamber, amplifies anxieties and confirmation bias, making everyone feel like their candidate is the rightful king/queen and the other side is, well, problematic. This isn’t just about winning or losing; it’s about emotions running high and the very real sense that their voices might not be heard.

This us-vs-them mentality is a recipe for disaster. Supporters from either side might see themselves as the valiant heroes fighting for Indonesia’s future, while their opposing side becomes the villainous “others.” Think Hunger Games, but way less cool and way more traffic jams. The air smells like injustice and the atmosphere of an uprising is amidst. The Peacekeepers might not seem to help with the “peace” whatsoever, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. As responsible citizens with functioning frontal lobes (hopefully), we need to prioritize peace and dialogue. Fact-checking info is key, so ditch the shady social media feeds and rely on reliable sources. Also, let’s get those religious leaders, community influencers, and campaign peeps involved in some serious bridge-building. We need to talk, like, actual conversations, not just angry tweets. 

The losing supporters’ vision for Indonesia’s future might not have won this round, but their voices deserve to be heard and respected. Acknowledge their pain with empathy instead of dismissing their disappointment. That could really be you in another life. Remember, a shared sense of purpose and belonging is crucial for any nation’s progress. The 2024 election might be nearing its end, but the journey for a stronger Indonesia continues. Let’s use this experience to collectively prepare ourselves to hold the system accountable and advocate for justice when needed. Whether it’s through peaceful protests, citizen oversight initiatives, or simply holding elected officials accountable through informed voting in the next election, we all have a role to play in ensuring our voices are heard and our democracy functions effectively.

Remember that even with differing political views, we’re all, first and foremost, children of Indonesia. With all due respect, our ancestors did not go through all the fighting and the starving , even the dying for us to just take the fight inside. Let’s focus on that common ground and navigate this rollercoaster with maturity and, dare I say, a little bit of grace. However small and hopeless you think you are, you’re really not. After all, Indonesia’s future depends on us.

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