by The 5P Foundation

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On International Women’s Day in this year, a 5P European women’s delegation consisting of human rights activists, and religious figures from around the world made a historic visit to the Vatican to meet with the Pope. This visit not only marks the important role of women in society, but also highlights the role of the church in promoting gender equality and world peace. The delegation, led by Sylvia, one of the representatives of 5P Europe, met with the Pope at the Apostolic Palace. The meeting was an important moment for conversations about issues affecting women globally, from gender inequality to violence against women.

One of the main focuses of the discussion was efforts to increase women’s participation in political and religious decision making. Delegates emphasized the importance of involving women in decision-making processes to create a more just and inclusive society.Apart from that, the delegation also highlighted issues such as women’s access to education, reproductive health, and protection of women who are victims of violence. They emphasized that efforts to improve women’s conditions must be a priority for all parties.

The Pope welcomed the delegation and expressed his commitment to fighting for women’s rights and encouraging positive change in the church and society as a whole. He emphasized that gender equality is an underlying principle of religious teachings and that the church must play an active role in fighting discrimination and injustice. This visit not only provided an opportunity for delegates to voice their aspirations and concerns, but also demonstrated the importance of dialogue between the church and women leaders in creating a better world for everyone.

In the midst of global challenges such as climate change, armed conflict and economic inequality, this visit emphasizes that the role of women in building peace and justice cannot be ignored. By bringing their voices to the global stage, these delegations provide an important impetus for positive change and progress towards a more inclusive and just society for all.