by The 5P Foundation

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The 5P Forum revolves around the core principles of People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership. These pillars form the foundation for inclusive and sustainable economic growth, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our mission is to inspire and empower the youth, emphasizing the importance of these values in shaping a better future.

Our concept for 5P launch forum:

  1. Introduce 5P as a Development Framework: Propagate the 5P model as a foundational framework for sustainable development in Indonesia and the ASEAN region.
  2. Familiarize Youth with 5P Concepts: Provide a clear and accessible understanding of 5P, empowering youth as effective drivers of positive change.
  3. Create a Networking Platform: Foster connections and collaboration between youth participants and key stakeholders for ongoing support and impact

and our impact to :

  1. Empowering Youth Change-Maker Initiatives: Encourage and support youth-led initiatives for impactful change.
  2. Empowering Local Movements and Communities: Strengthen grassroots movements and community initiatives based on the 5P model.
  3. Inspiring Global Adoption of 5P Model: Motivate worldwide adoption of the 5P framework for sustainable grassroots movements.

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