by The 5P Foundation

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In an increasingly connected and competitive world, public speaking skills have become an unavoidable necessity. Along with this, reporting at school with the theme of public speaking is an effective method for honing this ability from an early age. Through this reporting, students can learn to organize their thoughts, convey information clearly and persuasively, and build strong self-confidence. This article will explore the importance of reporting on the theme of public speaking in schools and the benefits that can be obtained by students.

To coincide with the Basic Student Leadership Training event, we were present to provide a seminar on the material presented, namely introducing the 5P Global Movement and Public Speaking to 180 students at SMA 70 Jakarta. Public Speaking material was presented by Ratu Rolinda Rahman, Former Provincial Tourism Ambassador. West Sumatra. Students are very enthusiastic about taking part in this event because it allows them to develop skills and learn new things:

Development of Public Speaking Skills: Reporting at school with the theme of public speaking provides an opportunity for students to develop public speaking skills. By practicing organizing presentation materials, delivering them clearly, and responding to questions from the audience, students can gain the confidence needed to speak in front of large audiences in a variety of situations.

Improved Communication Skills: Through school reporting, students learn to convey their ideas clearly and persuasively. They also learn to listen well and respond to audience feedback, which is an important aspect of effective communication. Thus, reporting on the theme of public speaking helps students improve their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Cultivating Self-Confidence: One of the main benefits of reporting on the theme of public speaking is cultivating students’ self-confidence. Through the experience of speaking in front of a class or larger audience, students learn to overcome the fear and anxiety associated with public speaking. Along with that, they feel a sense of pride and achievement when they succeed in delivering their presentation well.

Encouraging Creativity and Innovation: Reporting at school with the theme of public speaking can also encourage students to be more creative and innovative. They are given the freedom to choose topics that interest them and find unique ways to convey that information. This can help increase students’ interest in learning and help them develop critical and analytical thinking skills.


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