by The 5P Foundation

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PEACE! Project collaboration activities in collaboration with Global Peace Foundation Indonesia. The event was held on Saturday, November 11, 2023, at Soka Gakkai, Indonesia. There were 40 participants, and 20 people were volunteers from the Global Peace Foundation Indonesia. In this project we learned about different religion background to be able to strengthen the sense of tolerance in the community so that it can have a positive impact on the neighboring environment.


  • Strengthening and reinforcing unity and integrity as well as religious and national harmony.
  • Strengthening the relationship between religious adherents regardless of religious, ethnic, racial, or inter-group differences, differences in religion, ethnicity, race, and inter-group.
  • Opening opportunities for the younger generation to participate in casual discussions about the beauty of peace.
  • Inviting the private sector and communities who want to take part in supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.