by The 5P Foundation

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The event held on December 5th, 2023, displaying its logo prominently. The activity was initiated and presided over by the Director, who elaborated on the significance of the 5P values in business. In this national conference we had the opportunity as the main supporter.

The Director highlighted how these values have helped the company grow into a successful organization that puts people first. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing people over profit, and how this approach has led to a more engaged and motivated workforce, as well as increased customer satisfaction.

The Director also announced that the 5P Foundation will continue to support initiatives that align with these values and encouraged other companies to adopt similar practices. The event concluded with a networking session, allowing attendees to connect and share their own experiences in putting people first in their respective industries. In addition the Director conveyed his support to this national conference. 

5P #ForBetterTheWorld