by The 5P Foundation

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Filantropi Indonesia constitutes an autonomous consortium of philanthropic entities and individuals with the overarching objective of advancing the principles and practices of philanthropy. Consequently, as an expression of our commitment to contribute to the realization of a more equitable world, our organization formally affiliated with Filantropi Indonesia in early December 2023.

On the 14th of December, Filantropi Indonesia convened its quarterly gathering, a forum that we actively participated in. This gathering serves as a platform for substantive discussions among representatives of foundations and organizations, fostering a conducive environment for networking among its members. The event garnered attendance from a multitude of representatives, thus facilitating meaningful exchanges of ideas.

During this gathering, we, as a recently established foundation, had the opportunity to deliver a cordial welcome introduction. Furthermore, the networking session provided an avenue for engaging interactions, where representatives from various foundations and organizations expressed considerable interest in establishing collaborative endeavors with our organization.

Let’s Create Our 5P Movement #ForBetterTheWorld