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Forest and Innovation, the theme for International Day of forests 2024 from United Nations. It’s a day to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests and celebatre all forests do for us. Forests are home to over 80% of land animals and plants. 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their livelihoods and daily subsistence needs. A tree can capture up to 150 kgs of carbon dioxide per year. Over 25% of medicines originate from rainforests plants. Yet only 1% have been studied for medicinal properties. Since 1990, we have lost 178 million hectares of forests worldwide.

The global forest supports jobs for at least 33 million people. Forest products are used by billions every single day. Expanding the use of forest products contributes to carbon neutrality. Science and innovation are producing exciting new products from wood and trees, including textiles, foods, contraction materials, cosmetics, biochemicals, bioplastics, and medicines. Replacing less sustainable materials with renewable wood and tree based products can reduce our carbon footprint

Forest provide the world with roughly 40% of the current global renewable energy supply. This is more than solar, hydroelectric or wind power. Lastly, forests store an estimated 296 gigatonnes of carbon.

Forests benefits all life on earth. They are quite, but do so much for the planet. So, how are you protecting them?

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