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How old will you be in 2025? Regardless of wealth, ethnicity, race or religion, famine will strike the world. 

Do you live in a country that is a large consumer of rice? If so, have you noticed that the price of rice has been soaring? This is because 22 countries have started to ban food exports. The Climate Crisis is the cause of the Food Crisis. When you were in school, you might have heard of “El Nino”. In short, El Nino is a climate phenomenon caused by warming ocean temperatures in the central to eastern Pacific Ocean. The El Nino phenomenon actually occurs every 3-7 years. But why are all countries starting to worry about this climate phenomenon?

This is because the El Nino phenomenon coincides with Global Warming. That’s right, global warming that occurs because of man’s own actions.

“What you sow is what you reap.” The global warming that we have created, will worsen the El Nino Phenomenon. Drought will occur everywhere. It is this drought that causes excess drought. We have already explained that this drought will certainly cause farmers to struggle because of the drought. As a result, a food crisis occurs, famine strikes. 26 years to that terrible thing?

If you are aware about this, let’s join our movement. 



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