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Diversity is a common thing around us; society emerges from various backgrounds, families, ethnicities, religions, and so forth. These differences have existed for thousands of years, so diversity is a common and natural thing that should be accepted.

Diversity itself has a definition as a concept of understanding that every individual is unique, and these differences serve various purposes in society. Unfortunately, diversity is not always embraced in society, although embracing diversity is essential. Here are the reasons why embracing diversity is crucial:

Differences contain valuable values. When we work or study alongside people from different backgrounds, they will have different approaches, experiences, perspectives, and skills. These differences can be advantageous because if you are involved in a project, there will be many fresh ideas born, facilitating the work process. Moreover, for societal life, you can enrich knowledge by sharing it with them.

Understanding your friends’ culture. As mentioned earlier, you can learn and understand their culture without experiencing it directly. That way, you can treat and understand them better. They will also feel accepted when you are enthusiastic about it.

Increasing productivity. If you are a business owner, having employees with diverse backgrounds can increase productivity because they have different skills. Thus, solving problems becomes easier with the unique skills they possess.

Diversity and inclusion are good for image reputation. Embracing many friends from various backgrounds can enhance your image as someone who accepts all differences. However, don’t use this for the wrong reasons, as advocating for diversity and inclusion is noble.

Contributing to societal harmony. Embracing diversity can bring harmony to society because, with existing diversity, daily life becomes more peaceful without envy due to differences. Because even a hint of envy can disrupt societal life.

Embracing diversity is indeed crucial to do anywhere and anytime; we never know what position life will lead us to. For now, we might be in the majority, but someday we might become the minority. Thus, we should create an inclusive atmosphere. Here are ways to embrace diversity in various situations:

  • Being respectful
  • Encouraging and inviting your friends to participate in various activities
  • Avoiding stereotyping
  • Starting to communicate with each other
  • Being an open-minded person
  • Creating a comfortable environment for everyone
  • Mastering inclusive social skills
  • Carefully considering differences when making decisions
  • Noticing how you treat people
  • Instilling a mindset about empathy, feedback, and psychology
  • Daring to defend differences
  • Being a vocal friend with good intentions

Diversity should be pursued with the goal that everyone should receive fair and equal treatment. The continued existence of discrimination based on race makes life unsafe and full of hatred. However, diversity can make a country grow strong and develop, especially for socio-economic growth. Because with equal access, no individual is disadvantaged or left behind; they will be equal with the same goals.


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